2 in 1 Face Shinning Set

l Clean l

  • 250,000 microfiber antibacterial bristles that deeply clean the pores .
  • Low & High speeds of vibrating massage effectively clean up the old dead skin cells.

l  Massage  l

  • Unique vibrating massage to immediately brighter your eyes in 10 seconds.      
  • Effective solutions to eye puffiness, dark circles and enhance blood circulation.


Heating Scraping Plate

Anti-bacteria and stainless steel massager for weight loss, beauty, face shaping,

and scrapingplate that can alleviate muscle fatigue.


Comfortable texture, soft, smooth and refined heating design matches the eyes

and can be incorporated with the traditional Chinese scraping beauty method to 

effectively exfoliate aging cells, help blood circulation and tighten the skin on eye

contour and mouth, in order to reach the find and compact facial skin with whitening


Improve makeup adhesion. Use it for facial massage or use with essential oil to enhance

blood circulation and tone up skin reflection.

Magnetic Vibrating Facial Brush

1. Exfoliates, cleans pores, shrinks pores, reduce oily skin,

removes dead cells,and eliminates acne.

2. Enhances skin smoothness, blemishes fine lines and wrinkles,

making the skin look young.

3. Enhances skin care product absorption

4. Mildly cleans the skin. Use twice daily.

5. Brush surface adopting poreless design that does not attach

bacteria easily. Easy cleaning and can be replaced with brush

head in every 3 months.

Import & Export Skin Beauty Instrument

1. Cleaning mode 

Removing pore stains from deep inside the skin, using ion for extraction. 


2. Import mode

Spray the toner on the skin, using micro vibration and special pulse signals

to nourish the skin with the moisturizing ingredients.


3. Moisturizing mode
Using ion to thoroughly immerse the skin with toner. Not only to keep the

surface wet but to moisturize deep inside the skin cuticles so to sustain the

moisturizing effect.


4. Skin toning mode
Apply lotion or rinse-free facial mask on the face. Use the head of the instrument

to slowly move around the face. The micro vibration and mild electrodes will

interchange to awaken the skin with youth and vitality.

Thermal Skin Beauty

Hot compress can enhance skin absorption of skin care products,expanding

poresand enhancing blood circulation, while discharging toxins from the body.

Adding skin resilience.